Where Can I Buy a Moon Cup?

We are now selling moon cups! Turn your period green with this one, simple and cost-effective purchase.

Moon cups or eve cups are excellent for eco conscious warriors and aspiring zero waste goddesses. It’s easy to to make the change.

Benefit from:

  • Periods that cost you less money
  • Supporting Local Essex Business
  • Zero waste periods
  • Easy to follow tips and advice
  • Reducing your landfill waste
Where can I buy a Moon Cup?
It’s a win-win!

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Choose your moon cup, available in sizes S or M, and colours white, purple or pink.

Not sure about a moon cup?

Reusable pads could be the eco upgrade that’s right for you

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Where can I buy a Moon Cup FAQs

Below you’ll find the most commonly asked questions about using an eve or moon cup.

1. Are eve cups easy to use?

This is subjective. Many people, like myself, find eve cups very easy to use. Other people find they cannot get on with one and find tampons far easier to use. The moon cups we sell are easy to fold and move, making insertion easy. They are also designed to fit the space inside your body well and comfortably.

If you are not sure if a moon cup is for you, I invite you to order one via our contact page. If for any reason you don’t find the eve cup easy to use, I am happy to offer you a full refund on on your purchase.

Perhaps the idea of an eve cup sounds hard for you, and if so I urge you to consider other, less invasive but more eco friendly options, instead of tampons, like these reusable sanitary towels or my personal favourite, these reusable period pants. I own three pairs of reusable period pants that I use in partnership with my eve cup.

If you were wondering where can I buy a moon cup? The answer is … right here!

2. How to clean a moon cup?

Using a reusable product is great for the environment and immediately cuts down your period waste. However, reusable products should be cleaned regularly in order to keep them hygienic, suitable for use and to help you use one product for longer, saving you money whilst also saving waste.

I don’t recommend you use any harsh chemicals on your moon cup, mainly because these can be dangerous for your body. Eve cups are easy to clean when you are finished with your cycle by placing them in a designated cup of boiling hot water to sterilise.

Once cool, clean the cup with a clean cloth or flannel and store it away for your next period. The moon cup I use and sell here comes in a small reusable bag. This will help to keep it clean when it is not in use.

3. Will I save money with an eve cup?

Yes! Although the purchase of an eve cup is initially more than buying a box of cheap tampons, after just a few periods, you will begin saving money. Since owning an eve cup, I have saved well over £130. I no longer buy tampons or disposable sanitary towels, saving me both money and environmental waste.

Got a question not covered here? Email info@thenaturalessexgirl.com or send me your order request via the Moon Cup Order Form.