Discover the vegan products in our recipes and the eco friendly items that make up our house.

Zero Waste & Eco Friendly Products

These are our must-have zero waste products from Acala. The following products help us avoid single use plastic in our home and when we travel.

Plastic Free Hygiene Essentials

These plastic free hygiene products are the very first eco swaps we introduced to our bathroom cabinet.

Kutis Lemongrass and Tea Tree Deodorant

Plastic free toothbrushes

Georganics English Peppermint Toothpaste

Plastic Free Hair Care

Plastic free hair care is out there! This simple trio make up our eco friendly hair care routine.

Wild Sage + Co Rosemary and Lavender Shampoo

Wild Sage + Co Lavender and Rose Conditioner

Plastic free and vegan hairbrush

More Plastic Free Hygiene Products

Once we’d gotten rid of the plastic in our hygiene essentials, we started making other swaps for the bathroom like these ones.

Natural and plastic free soaps

Bamboo cotton buds

Reusable hemp make up wipes

Plastic Free Relaxing Bath Products

Baths are so good! These plastic free products are great for enjoying a naturally indulgent and well being focused bath time.

Epsom salts

Tea Tree Essential Oil

English Lavender Essential Oil

By making a purchase from one of the links on this page, you are supporting small business. We are proud to work with ethical companies and invest time and money into finding the right ones to share with you.

Plastic Free Period Products

Save money on your menstrual products by choosing reusable items that work for you, your flow and your body.


Flux Boy Brief Period Pants

EcoFemme Cotton Day Pads

Plastic Free Travel Essentials

Travelling doesn’t have to mean single use plastic. We love these plastic free travel essentials when we are on the move.

SPF 30 vegan suncream from Amazinc

Plastic free plasters for kids from PATCH

Naked Lip Balm from KiteNest

Plastic Free Lunch Essentials

Whether it’s your lunch box for work, a travel mug for the car or an eco picnic ensemble, make food on the go plastic free with these essentials.

Vegan Products

These are our must-have vegan products from The Vegan Kind Supermarket. We use the following products as dairy and meat replacements in our recipes.

Dairy Replacement Vegan Products

Alternatives to cheese, milk, custard and cream – these dairy alternatives make being a vegan easy!

Marigold Nutritional Yeast Flakes

Violife Vegan Cheese Slices

Alpro Oat Milk

Oatly Vegan Custard

Oatly Vegan Cream

Linwoods Shelled Hemp Seeds

Meat Replacement Vegan Products

Alternatives to chicken and minced meat, these two plant-based products have helped us turn ALL our favourite recipes vegan.

Clearspot Organic Smoked Tofu

Suma Red Lentils

Dairy Free Chocolate

Vegan chocolate is here! We can’t live without these dairy free chocolate products in our house.

Ombar Vegan Chocolate Buttons

ichoc Vegan White Chocolate Bar

Oggs Vegan Chocolate Cakes

Spanish Chocolate Company Hot Chocolate Drink

Vegan Kitchen Essentials

These are our must-have vegan kitchen essentials from Amazon. We use the following products in nearly all our recipes.

Vegan Tinned Essentials

These vegan tinned essentials are always in our kitchen cupboards. We use these products in our popular curries, chillis and fajitas.

Herbs and Seasonings

These herbs create the base for most of our homemade sauces and seasonings. We also grow some of the herbs we use too with simple growing kits available online.

Breakfast Vegan Products

These vegan breakfast essentials are always in our kitchen. We use these products in our smoothies and breakfast bowls.

Healing Teas

These are our favourite healing teas and tea companies. We use these products regularly as natural health remedies and as a replacement for dairy.

By making a purchase from one of the links on this page, a small portion of the money you spend goes to The Natural Essex Girl. Thank you for supporting small business.

Vegan Products for Herbal Remedies

We regularly use these three main herbal remedies products that are great for a variety of home uses.

Pure Aloe Vera Gel in recyclable glass jar from Acala – use on the skin for sunburn, bites and blemishes to relieve irritation and inflammation

Loose and Fresh Chamomile Tea Flowers from Acala – use before bed steeped in hot water to relax the mind and body and aid peaceful sleep

Soil Association certified organic coconut oil in a recyclable glass jar from Acala – use in cooking and baking or massage into skin, lips and hair

More Herbal Remedies That We Use

DIY herbal remedies at home are easy and effective with a few must-have products like these.

By making a purchase from one of the links on this page, a small portion of the money you spend goes to The Natural Essex Girl. Thank you for supporting small business.

Plant Based and Vegan Books

These are our favourite plant based and vegan books. We regularly use these books for recipes and remedies in our home.

Please consider buying second hand books; this option is called ‘used’ and is easy to find when purchasing a book on Amazon. Also, look out for recyclable packaging too!

We are always learning about our consumer impact, and encourage you to be open to learning about yours too. We promise to only ever share products that we have either brought, tried or ethically researched ourselves.

Have you got an ethical product to share with us? We love discovering new eco friendly and vegan products to replace less desirable ones with. Get in touch using the Contact page.