Red Berry Tea

This drink is all about boosting your immune system! Enjoy the mix of Hawthorn berries, Rosehips and Goji berries in our vibrant Red Berry Tea.

Healing teas are an excellent natural remedy for many common ailments, from colds and sore throats to menstrual cramps and indigestion.

In the Autumn especially, it’s vital to get a healthy dose of natural herbs and berries that are seasonal to your immediate surroundings. These gifts from nature are here for your body and many of its pre-winter needs.

Bring Mother Nature into your home and heart with this Red Berry Tea.

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About the Ingredients

When it comes to choosing ingredients for the Red Berry Tea, choose the items with the lowest carbon footprint and the least packaging waste.

Vegan Meal with The Natural Essex Girl

Foraging for Hawthorns & Rosehips

Freshly foraged Hawthorn berries and Rosehips are the best option for this healing tea. Freshly picked tastes better and looks brighter, but there’s more to it than that. Foraging locally is a responsible way to eat and drink seasonally for better health whilst also enjoying food in a package-free way.

If you don’t know much about foraging local food, and would like to give it a try, we highly recommend a wild food book to help you identify berries safely.

If you don’t feel comfortable foraging, there are plenty of ways to purchase these immune boosting berries too. Look out for recyclable packaging, eco conscious companies and the lowest carbon footprint available.

Eco Friendly Foraging Tools

If you fancy giving foraging a go, be sure to take reusable containers and bags for your foraged items. We like to take sealable containers for each item we intend to forage, in this case one for Rosehips and one for Hawthorns. We also take a cloth tote bag for storing the containers in easily and mess-free until we get home.

If you live super close by to hedgerows that have both Rosehips and Hawthorn berries in the Autumn, choose a wooden trug to throw them directly into for a great fuss-free option.

Find all our favourite eco friendly products.

Alternatives to Foraging for Red Berry Tea

The seasonal window for fresh Hawthorn berries and Rosehips really depends on the weather. If you miss it, or are looking to purchase Chinese immune boosting Goji berries from the U.K., seek out ethical companies to support your quest.

Some eco friendly tips for purchasing from abroad include:

  1. Buy in bulk once instead of receiving multiple small shipments
  2. Avoid single use plastic packaging and ask the company to not include plastic box fillers
  3. Seek out ethically managed companies with transparency surrounding the work they do

Brand new to foraging? We highly recommend this excellent Foraging Course in London.

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Red Berry Tea
Foraging fun for the Autumn - this Red Berry Tea is great for your immune system and works well with the addition of Goji berries.
Red Berry Tea
Course Tea
Cook Time 20 minutes
Course Tea
Cook Time 20 minutes
Red Berry Tea
  1. Using a sieve, give your wild berries a good rinse under clean water, removing stalks and leaves if you desire.
  2. Place all your red berries in a saucepan of water. Ensure you have double the water you would like for two people to enjoy this Red Berry Tea (to allow for some to evaporate).
  3. Bring the berries to the boil, then lower to a medium heat. Leave to simmer for roughly 20 minutes.
  4. After 20 minutes, you should have a very potent smelling and red in colour tea in your saucepan. Be sure to sieve the tea into your chosen cups for a smoother taste.
  5. Sit back, relax and indulge in the powerful immune boosting strength of Red Berry Tea.
    Red Berry Tea by Manki Kim Unsplash
Recipe Notes

If the tea is not sweet enough for your taste buds, you can add a natural sweetner. Whilst non vegans may enjoy the addition of honey, we recommend using agave syrup as a plant based alternative.

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