Herbal Remedies

Because living in an eco conscious way is very important to us, and because we believe that growing food and foraging is an important life skill, we are passionate advocates for the use of herbal remedies for minor illnesses.

You’d be surprised how effective plant-based medicine can be, and how long it has been relied upon worldwide; in the holistic field, in scientific-based western medicine and in ancient civilisations and cultures.

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Food = medicine

Why Choose Herbal Remedies?

At The Natural Essex Girl we believe that natural remedies are often better for your health than quick-fix over the counter medications. Herbal and plant-based medicines are also much better for the planet, actually save you and your family money and help educate us on our true connection with Mother Nature.

That’s why we are super passionate about sharing herbal remedies that are easy to try yourself. These include:

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Herbal teas make excellent natural remedies

Invest in your body, naturally

Every small investment we choose to make for our natural health, has a bigger effect than what we might initially realise. From plants that boost our immune system to herbs that aid peaceful sleep and better digestion, Mother Nature’s remedies can do it all.

Don’t take our word for it! We welcome you to commit to the small healthy changes that come from choosing herbal remedies wherever possible so you can see the benefits for yourself. When you choose herbal, shout about the choice loudly and proudly; follow and tag us on InstagramTwitter or Facebook.

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Hire The Natural Essex Girl

Herbal Remedies Copy Writing

The Natural Essex Girl has over 7 years of personal experience in choosing natural remedies first for a variety of medical needs. We can provide:

  • DIY plant-based remedies that are easy to make at home
  • Wild food focused lifestyle ideas and the health benefits
  • Honest and personal herbal product reviews

If you’re looking for an experienced Herbal Remedies Copy Writer, or have a product you would like us to consider adding to this blog, get in touch today using our Contact Page.

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