Growing Food and Foraging

Because living in a way that is more and more eco friendly is very important, and because we believe that natural health is a forgotten art, we are passionate advocates for growing food from home, no matter how little, and foraging safely for wild food too.

Whether you have an inner city balcony or an allotment in the countryside, a communal garden or a private one, a few light-filled window sills or a fairytale sweeping porch, growing food is both possible and fun.

The Natural Essex Girl
Karen planting this year’s fruits and vegetables in the garden

Why Choose Wild Food?

At The Natural Essex Girl we believe that food grown from home, or foraged nearby, is better for your health, better for the planet, respects the natural flow of the seasons and saves money.

That’s why we are super passionate about sharing food growing and foraging ideas. These include:

Wild Apples by Fanny Gustafsson Unsplash
Wild Food is free!

Invest in Growing Food and Foraging

Every small investment we choose to make when it comes to our food and where it comes from, has a bigger effect than what we might initially realise. From fruits and vegetables that can be grown at home to the endless supply of wild foods available in hedgerows and trees when you know where to look, growing and foraging for food is fun and rewarding.

Don’t take our word for it! We welcome you to commit to the small healthy changes that come from choosing wild food wherever possible so you can see the benefits for yourself. When you choose to grow or forage an element of your meal, shout about the choice loudly and proudly; follow and tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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Growing and Foraging Copy Writing

The Natural Essex Girl has 5 years of experience growing food and foraging for wild food in the United Kingdom. We can provide:

  • Beginner gardening dos and don’ts
  • Wild food focused lifestyle ideas and health benefits
  • Honest and personal foraging course reviews
  • Honest and personal gardening product reviews
  • Seasonal lifestyle tips and ideas

If you’re looking for an experienced Growing and/or Foraging Copy Writer, or have a product or course you would like us to consider adding to this blog, get in touch today using our Contact Page.

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