Eco Friendly and Zero Waste Living

Living in a way that is increasingly more eco friendly is a very important part of this generation and the ones to come. We believe we have the opportunity to make a difference to the type of world our children will enjoy. If you don’t know how, we can help.

Whilst we may or may not have been raised to care for the environment, or taught about the importance of doing so, there is no denying as adults the facts in front of us. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry. Focus on the small things and build a more eco lifestyle from there.

Vegan Breakfast at Oaktree Leigh on Sea
Plastic is the Killer Upcycled T-shirt from My Vegan Experiment

Why Choose Eco Friendly and Zero Waste Living?

At The Natural Essex Girl we believe that spending money casts a daily, or even hourly, vote on what kind of world we want to live in tomorrow, and what kind of world we want to leave behind for our little ones.

That’s why we are super passionate about sharing zero waste and eco conscious living ideas. These include:

Easy Plastic Free Swaps from Acala

Invest in the planet, daily

Every small investment we choose to make for a more eco friendly life, has a bigger effect than what we might initially realise. From plastic free swaps on items we use regularly to full-on zero waste shopping, being eco conscious is always the right choice.

Don’t take our word for it! We welcome you to commit to the small healthy changes that come from choosing to live greener wherever possible so you can reap the benefits for yourself. When you choose eco products and routines, shout about the choice loudly and proudly; follow and tag us on InstagramTwitter or Facebook.

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Eco Friendly Copy Writing

The Natural Essex Girl has over 3 years of experience living an eco-focused, striving for zero waste, lifestyle. We can provide:

  • Honest and personal eco product reviews
  • Eco-focused lifestyle improvements and ideas
  • Vegan and eco friendly travel tips

If you’re looking for an experienced Eco Friendly Copy Writer, or have a product you would like us to consider adding to this blog, get in touch today using our Contact Page.

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