The Best Eco Friendly Period Products with The Natural Essex Girl
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Our 5 Best Eco Friendly Period Products

Sanitary products currently have a huge environmental impact. The Marine Conservation Society estimates that 4.8 pieces of menstrual waste are found per 100 metres of beach cleaned. Yuk, right? We get through approximately 20,000 tonnes of menstrual waste products in the UK per year. If you are concerned about the impact your natural cycle is having… Continue reading Our 5 Best Eco Friendly Period Products

Vegan Chocolate with The Natural Essex girl
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Everything Vegan Chocolate

Chocolate is an indulgent, luxurious and well-loved treat the world over. We're firm believers that it isn't something you should go without as a vegan. There are many ways to enjoy vegan chocolate, Easter as a vegan and even zero waste chocolate too. So whether you are searching for vegan-friendly chocolate replacements for yourself or… Continue reading Everything Vegan Chocolate