Just 6 Benefits of Going Vegan

Have you heard the rumours that going vegan could change your life in a positive way? Would you like to be able to maintain a healthy weight without calorie counting? Perhaps you would love to find a way to better understand your mental health? Even if you would be happy enough with simply reducing the cost of your food shopping bill, veganism could be perfect for you. Thousands of people in the U.K. claim to be vegan, and although the term is still scorned by many and hugely misunderstood by most, things are definitely improving for anyone interested in the vegan lifestyle. Regardless of what others think or do though, all that really matters is whether or not it works for you. Read on to uncover just 6 benefits of going vegan.

Since eating a predominantly plant based diet, we have discovered an obscene number of benefits to going vegan, many of which we never anticipated happening and every single one an added bonus to our lives. It is often thought that veganism will take away from your life; from malnutrition and illness to difficulty finding food you can actually enjoy. Luckily, the reality is nothing like this. A plant based diet can improve so much in your life and we would even go so far as to say, be the answer you never even knew you were looking for.

What are the Benefits of Going Vegan?

So if you are tempted by veganism, want to reduce your animal produce intake or just simply feel healthier, be inspired to give it a go this Veganuary with our top 6 benefits of going vegan:

1. Eating Vegan Costs Less

Since we first started eating more plant based food and less animal products, we have saved money on our food shopping bill. Yes, plant based milks are dearer than the cheapest cows milk and yes, vegan products such as sausages, burgers and the like are dearer than the cheapest meat products. But overall a meal made from plant based ingredients is far less cheaper than a meal made from animal products. We anticipate that we spend around £80 less a month on food shopping since choosing to eat a vegan diet.

To really help keep the costs of your food shopping down, we recommend you buy more fresh fruit and vegetables and make as much as you can from scratch. Choose chopped tomatoes over jars of pre-made sauce, opt for beans and lentils over meat and fish, and remember to grab your loose, fresh vegetables seasonally for the most cost effective nutrition. Search out the fruit and vegetables grown in the U.K. when you shop. These products will have travelled less so will have a much lower price tag typically. Purchasing them will also help you support a local business and local crops; a win win.

Tempted to try growing some of your own food? Next month we will be starting to share our Beginner Gardener Tips to help more people grow their fruits and vegetables. Subscribe now – at the bottom of this page!

2. Vegan Food Helps You Maintain A Healthy Weight

Obesity in the U.K. is rising as more and more of us choose to live sedentary lifestyles, drive more and walk less, and eat products full of ingredients that aren’t very food-like. The best thing about starting a vegan diet, is it’s actually really difficult to hold onto those stubborn fat stores around your hips, legs or stomach as you start to reduce the amount of fatty products you eat. Animal products are full of fat, as well as other ‘ingredients’ that could make your size increase, like nasty hormones and chemicals that are fed to livestock to increase their yield. Yuck, right?

However, when you switch to eating predominantly vegetables, beans, lentils, fruit and other plant based ingredients, extra weight naturally, and healthily, decreases. In fact, the hardest part about going vegan for some people can be to eat enough food to keep them satisfied! Studies have shown that in the first 3 hours after a meal, the body burns calories faster on a vegan diet than on a meat-based diet. You are likely to find yourself eating larger quantities of food that are really good for your body and naturally losing weight. No more counting calories, limiting your portions or worrying about your daily intake of food. If it’s all plant-based, we say, eat til you heart is content!

Need some vegan food inspiration? Check out our latest Vegan Recipe.

3. A Vegan Diet Helps The Environment

In a critical time for the environment and overall health of our planet, one of the biggest ways to positively impact the situation is actually to choose a vegan lifestyle. As fewer people consume meat and animal products, they place less demand on the industries that provide these food types. Livestock is bred based on demand and the reason our meat and dairy industries are so vile is because of the large consumer market. Our current farming systems use huge quantities of water and other energy sources to maintain our super high consumer demand. By reducing your personal demand, or by going fully vegan, your carbon footprint reduces.


Did you know it takes 4,000 gallons of water to produce a day’s worth of food for a meat eater, but only takes 300 gallons for a vegan? And it’s not only the planet’s water resources that can benefit from more vegan eaters. Natural habitats are often destroyed to support large scale farming and farming waste can easily contaminate local areas due to sheer volume and cost-cutting methods. If you want to be part of the solution, not the problem, for the environment, one of the best things you can do is go vegan.

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4. Living Vegan Can Actually Improve Mental Health

Mental health is a pretty controversial subject, one that is growing momentum and interest but is still challenging to discuss without coming under attack. We are strong believers in mental and physical health being directly linked and have noticed increased mental health and clarity since choosing to eat a predominantly plant based diet. And is it any wonder?

The more I think about it the more I’m sure that I can think more clearly because my body is also clearer. I’ve gotten rid of any excess fat, hormones and other chemicals I had been topping up for years and replaced my food with fresh, natural products that more often than not come straight from the ground. Instead of consuming things that have been dead for quite some time and are effectively rotting by the time they reach the dinner plate, fruits and vegetables can be chosen fresh and local and contain a kind of living energy. If you struggle with general mental wellness, try simplifying your diet by removing man-made, toxic foods and replacing them with natural, chemical-free foods.

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5. Improve Your Physical Health By Going Vegan

Another super controversial topic when it comes to the benefits of going vegan is that surrounding terminal illnesses such as cancer and the effect a vegan diet can have. Studies have proven that vegans have lower rates of cancer, obesity, diabetes, and many other serious conditions. After just a couple of months, its been proven that a vegan diet can cause cancer preventing genes to turn on, and cancer causing genes to turn off.

When I first read research like this 2 years ago, I was shocked there wasn’t more awareness of this quite literally live-saving information. Why weren’t more people aware? Why weren’t more people talking about it? There are many theories that aim to explain our general blindness to the cures for some of our most common placed illnesses that we won’t dive into here, but if you are keen to learn more, we highly recommend the following:

Forks over Knives:

Get first hand advice from a Professional Nutritionist in the U.K. who practices a vegan diet.

6. Help Prevent World Hunger By Going Vegan

What? How can changing what I eat help other people to avoid hunger? Madness, right? Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be common knowledge that the food consumed by the world’s cattle is equal to the calorific needs of 8.7 billion people. That’s greater than the entire human population.

Theoretically, if everyone began eating vegan, we could cure world hunger. Similarly to the serious illness benefit above, I was stunned that I had not known this incredible benefit of going vegan before. We have a way to avoid world hunger and yet we greedily choose to ignore it? There is enough food to go round if everyone eats their fair share, not an excessive share. There are starving children in developing countries worldwide because the land that should be available for them to grow crops for food is instead farmed for the excessive amount of livestock that is needed to feed ‘developed’ areas.

We feel it’s rather sad that more people don’t know this particular fact so please share it with someone considering veganism today.

Are There More Benefits of Going Vegan?

Absolutely. Notice that within just these 6 benefits of going vegan, we didn’t need to mention animal cruelty. Clearly, animal welfare is a huge benefit of going vegan, as is consuming less hormones and chemicals, and being a better world citizen in general. Although we are conscious of the fact that eating vegan helps to save the lives of severely mistreated animals, animal cruelty is not the reason we were tempted by veganism, nor is it the sole reason we stick to this lifestyle.

There are of course though many huge benefits to the welfare animals, and many more benefits to your own welfare too that can be achieved by choosing a vegan diet. We recommend you explore all the advantages by watching the documentaries included above or by doing further reading with these interesting and thought-provoking books:


We want to reiterate that being vegan isn’t just about animals. It’s about so much more and you would be doing yourself a huge injustice to assume that all vegans are so because they want to save more animals. Next time you meet someone who prefers to eat vegan or who lives a plant based lifestyle, ask them why and the benefits they’ve enjoyed. You’ll be amazed to learn the multitude of reasons and the never ending benefits veganism can offer.

Ultimately the following quote sums up veganism for us perfectly:

I decided to pick the diet that I thought would maximise my chances of long-term survival – Al Gore on becoming vegan.

Perhaps you can’t change your habits overnight, perhaps you can. We can provide help and support to anyone transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. Follow us on Facebook for daily vegan recipes throughout January in support of Veganuary 2020.

Going Vegan

Whether veganism is or isn’t for you, there is no denying it is the best decision for our planet, so if you can’t quit animal products, start by trying to reduce your meat and dairy intake. The world really does provide enough for us all and no one company, industry, or collection of people should benefit to the detriment of others. When there are so many hugely impactive benefits of going vegan, surely it would be rude not to give it a go. Eating vegan will have tremendously positive effects on you and even more profoundly positive effects on the world around you.

Vegan Meals with The Natural Essex Girl

If you have a great book or film on the benefits of going vegan, please let us know in the comments below. Feel free to leave us your questions or to reach out to us for vegan meal inspiration too!

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